A Latino Owned Craft Brewery Dedicated to Mexican Style Cerveza Artesanal.

About Us


Zólupez is Latinx Family Owned. Small Independent U.S. Based Business. Beers Authentically Inspired by Our Mexican Heritage and Personal Experiences.

Our beers are brewed and flavored with ingredients found in traditional Mexican culture: piloncillo, canela, agave nectar, yerba buena, chiles. Brewed with the soul of Mexico, each beer was genuinely influenced by our family's Mexican history. That's what makes us different.

Years of experimenting went into developing Cerveza Zólupez unique, original, and creative beer recipes. The grain bill and flavorings are especially designed to be paired with Mexican food, spicy dishes, and fiestas. Enjoy! ¡Salud!


Our Founder: Brewer and President.

Born and raised in Utah, Javier Chávez, Jr. is the son of hard working Mexican immigrants.

Javier home brewed in his apartment for years, when he constantly ran into a dilemma: he struggled to find craft beer that paired with his family's Mexican food . . . so he brewed his own. That's how Cerveza Zólupez Beer Company got its start.

After years of fine tuning his brew skills in California, taking workshops and classes at brew stores, brew clubs, craft breweries, and at UCLA's Extension program, Javier was inspired by Mexico's dynamic craft beer movement, known as "cerveza artesanal" (artisanal beer)- especially in Baja California and Monterrey, Mexico. 

Spending time in Mexico with family, Javier personally experienced this colorful and tasty Mexican craft beer scene first hand, in the land of his ancestors.  

These life events - passion for brewing and his Mexican cultural heritage- propelled Javier to finally launch his own "cerveceria" brewery.

A lawyer, with an MBA, Javier brings diverse skill sets to the brewing and craft beer industry.


La Cervecería (The Brewery).

Headquartered in the U.S.A., Zólupez has the look and feel of Javier's grandfather's artisan shop in Mexico. 

Right now, we brew on a simple ten gallon all-grain stainless steel system, which yields about 5 gallons batches. We bottle condition all our beers, which naturally carbonates our cervezas. No force carbonation, no brite tanks. Unfiltered.  

We individually bottle and label each beer by hand. The whole process takes over 7 weeks: 2 weeks in a stainless steel primary fermenting vessels and then up to 5 weeks conditioning (refermenting) in bottles. We end up with about 45 to 50 beers, per batch . . .  every 7 weeks. 

It's a slow, labor intensive, manual process that ends up with very few beers, that's why our inventory is very limited- and we tend to run out. This is an extremely rare method of commercial brewing. Delivering unique, premium, small batch, specialty artisanal beers.

We're proud members of the Brewer's Association (BA certified independent),  U.S. Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Utah Brewer's Guild, and Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce.

FYI, we're a production brewery, not a brewpub. Our focus is beer, not food prep. 

Yes, we plan to grow our brewery, scale up, and adapt our methods. We'll brew more. But for now, we like being small, taking our time, and having fun!  : )